Our complete PPL course includes 45 hours of flying, 7 manuals, home based landing fees, ground school, 7 written exams, 1 practical flight test and use of all necessary equipment. Our cross country routes are over mainland France, giving the dual advantages of uncluttered airspace in France and more formal control within the Channel Islands Control Zone.

With helpful and efficient Air Traffic Control, Guernsey is an ideal place to train for an IMC rating with ILS at both ends of the runway supplemented by VOR, NDB, DME radar and VDF.

Alternatively you can learn how to use the radio navigation equipment without taking a full IMC course.  This can be achieved through the  “AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate”.   This course consists of 5 hours of flying visually using VOR, ADF and DME for navigation.

If you later decide to obtain an IMC rating, the AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate counts as a full five hours towards the IMC.

Both the IMC and the Radio Navigation Course include a cross country flight to a French airfield without incurring any extra flying time.

Open until 2100 local daily, Guernsey is ideal for obtaining a night rating.

All our courses are tailored to your individual requirements – full time, split courses or spread over a period of time please contact us for further information.

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