Q:   How much does it cost to learn to fly?

A:   To obtain a PPL costs approximately £9500 if you pay as you go or £8930 if paid in advance. The in advance payment includes 45 hours flying, all landing fees at Guernsey, text books and exam fees.

Q:   How old do I need to be to learn?

A:    Flying hours can be logged towards a PPL from the age of 14, you must be 16 to fly solo and 17 to obtain a licence. There is no upper age limit.

Q:   How many written exams are there?

A:   There are 7 written exams which are multiple choice with a pass mark of 75%.  All of the exams are conducted in house and are valid for 2 years.

Q:  I wear spectacles will that be a problem?

A:  No, lots of commercial pilots wear glasses. Provided you can pass a medical exam with an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) you can fly solo. Contact Cobo Medical practice for further information on Flying Medicals.

Q: How many aircraft do you have?

A:  We have two modern Piper Warrior III aircraft (G-GOTH / G-GFTA)

Q: Once I get my licence will I be able to hire the aircraft?

A: Definitely both aircraft are available for self hire.

Q: If I have a Trial Lesson will it count towards my licence?

A: Yes a Trial Lesson would be the first entry in your logbook logged as Exercise 3