**NEW** INTRODUCTORY FLIGHTS  Fly with an experienced approved pilot who may not be a current instructor or a commercial pilot. Typically a 20 minute flight around the island sitting in the front of the aircraft but without touching the controls. Ideal for a scenic flight or as a gift. Other routes possible. ……………………………..  (from) £120

TRIAL LESSONS Includes full pre-flight briefing including “hands-on” at the controls
Also includes 1 month’s temporary membership of Guernsey Aero Club

45 minutes (typically via Alderney or southwest circuit) £190
1 Hour (typically Alderney, Casquets and coastal route £220

Up to 2 accompanying friends or family members extra £20 per person

DUAL INSTRUCTION HOURLY RATES (excludes departure, circuits and landings fees)

Dual Instruction £230
Discounted rate for 5-10 hours prepaid £220
Discounted rate for 45 hours (typical PPL license) prepaid £210
PRIVATE HIRE RATE per hour £180
Discounted rate for more than 5 hours prepaid £170



Ground School (per hour) £25
Ground Exam £35
PPL Skills Test / partial test £230 / £115
IMC Skills Test £170
Licence Proficiency Check (SEP) £120
Landing fees (local/ outside zone / circuits) £10/£15/£3

SUNDRIES: We sell a full range of books and equipment for the pilot

In addition to the above, all training and private hire pilots must also become Full or Overseas members of Guernsey Aero Club. For current rates and membership application go to www.guernseyaeroclub.com

Students can be any age, but must be at least 16 years old to fly solo
Cancellations made within 24 hours of a booking will be subject to a £30 charge
PAYMENTS by bank transfer (BACS) or DEBIT CARD are preferred
Refunds are made only at the directors’ discretion and will normally be subject to a 20% surcharge